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Bill 36 Action~

The crucial independent and industry-specific regulation of regulated professions will be eliminated under Bill 36.

Instead of bureaucrats who will operate in the best interests of the government, not the public or professionals, governance is best handled by people with the necessary skills, such as those who directly provide health solutions.

Another point of contention is the government’s decision to attack and reform private health care when it is obvious that hospitals and community medicine are in danger of failing. You can rapidly confirm this teetering implosion by talking to emergency personnel or hospital professionals.

Under their control, politicians have systematically destroyed healthcare.

Join the Local Bill 36 Action

Print your own copies of the two letters and the Bill 36 petition and drop them off at alternative Health Care clinics and Businesses.

Check with Laureen at our rallies for a list of locations already petitioned to avoid duplication.


Thank you, Laureen, for initiating this ongoing project. And to Lynn, Shar, Darlene, Gloria, Carol and others for your hard work on this initiative.

Join the team and get updates at our rallies on Sundays at our Penticton4Freedom rallies

Bill 36 flyers from Unity Health Sciences and Uninformed Consent Brochures are also available at the rallies.

NOTE: John Rustad, the sponsor of this petition, was an independent MLA when he first launched this petition and has already submitted 11,000 signatures to the BC Legislature. He is currently the Leader of the Conservative Party of British Columbia

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