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Recall David Eby


The application to proceed to Recall David Eby has been approved!

–         The signature gathering period is from January 17 to March 20.

–         A Canvasser can be any BC registered voter, but the signatures must be registered voters in David Eby’s riding – Vancouver-Point Grey.

–         Any signatures gathered by anyone not officially registered as a canvasser will NOT be counted.

–         The target for signatures is 25,000! to make the official signature requirement is met.


1.1. Register as an authorized canvasser here:

a.     Complete the canvasser application form with all your own information.

b.     The proponent is Salvatore Vetro. You may type in his name or leave it blank to be filled in by Salvatore himself.

c.      Salvatore must sign every application and submit it for the canvasser to qualify to gather signatures.

2.     Print a copy of your completed application and sign it.

3.     Scan your signed application.

4.     Email your scanned document to

5.     Save your original application as a precaution.

6.     Find more information at  The new website will be up by noon, January 11.

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