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Alarming Interview And Updates With The Doctors Who Are Suing BC, Canada Health Authority (Bonnie Henry) and the concerning Petition for Judicial Review and Bill 36

Updates on the lawsuit against Bonnie’s non-sensical “rules”; the court system; the catastrophe of BC healthcare and the characters responsible for the mess; the corruption in BC healthcare; the lie that doctors are available for the new “telemedicine.” and how Bonnie is causing more doctor shortages.

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15 minutes cities

First, they will promote them as being convenient. Then they will promote them as supporting the environment. Then they will promote them as being voluntary. Then they will become mandatory

Digital Currency

Follow up on the Digital Currency Survey in Canada~ it was a HARD NO!!   1st set of feedback re BoCs recent CBDC survey/11 min

Check this out!! Amazing simple site with a ton of resources.

Canadian Doctors on CHD TV

Canadian Doctors Malthouse, Shaw and Hoffe interview Dr Mark Trozzi and Kari Simpson on CHD TV. They examine our crooked courts and the National Citizens Inquiry. WATCH

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