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Alarming Interview And Updates With The Doctors Who Are Suing BC, Canada Health Authority (Bonnie Henry) and the concerning Petition for Judicial Review and Bill 36

Updates on the lawsuit against Bonnie’s non-sensical “rules”; the court system; the catastrophe of BC healthcare and the characters responsible for the mess; the corruption in BC healthcare; the lie that doctors are available for the new “telemedicine.” and how Bonnie is causing more doctor shortages.

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And so it begins…..

Stop Shopping at Whole Foods Whole Foods rolled out their “Just Walk Out” shopping feature. Cameras and Wifi signals track what products you put into your cart. Learn more HERE

Dr Trozzi: Facts, Solid Allegations and Warnings

In an interview with Tamara Ugolini, Dr Trozzi states: “The covid criminals, including rogue medical regulators like the CPSO, remain unrepentant.” Dr Trozzi lays their guilt and deception on the table